Welcome to the CCSS Rust Devclub Workshop! 🦀 This document is designed to be sort of similar to a course tutorial. There will be several different sections. The first will focus on learning the language basics. The second will focus on solving some problems. The third will go over resources on how you can continue learning Rust.

More might be added to this document after the workshop. Keep an eye on it to get the latest version with the best resources to continue your Rust learning 😄

Table of Contents



Rust Playground

Throughout this presentation, we'll be coding in Rust using the Rust Playground. The playground site will be embedded in this document so that you can always compile and run without leaving this page, but you can also open the playground link if you like. To do that, just open the "Permalink to the playground" in another tab.

Keep in mind, playgrounds don't save! When you refresh this page, any work that you've done in any of the playgrounds will reset to its original state. However, if you click the share button, you can get a permalink that will store your code forever.

Here is a playground to try out!


Learning the Syntax


Most of the primitives that you'd expect are similar in Rust. However, there is a large emphasis on knowing the size of the numbers you use. You can choose between signed or unsigned integers, and floating-point numbers.


Integer Sizes

Depending on the size of integer you use, you can store numbers up to a certain amount. i32 is normally a good bet when choosing which one to use.